Craft&Ride Deluxe Stand

Craft&Ride Deluxe Stand

The Craft&Ride Deluxe Stand for Onewheel™ was designed with all aftermarket accessories and Onewheels in mind. With its beautiful semigloss, black powder-coated aluminum construction, the Craft&Ride Deluxe Stand allows you to store your Onewheel conveniently, safely, and securely within your home.


No installation necessary:

The Craft&Ride Deluxe Stand is built from aluminum and finished with semigloss black powder coating. The Craft&Ride Deluxe Stand also features a detailed Craft&Ride logo cutout. There are no separate pieces and there is no installation necessary.


Easy to use:

Using the Craft&Ride Deluxe Stand is simple, fast, and easy. Set your Onewheel down behind the front lip of the stand and lean the board back until it rests on the rear support. The weight of the board creates pressure on the stand that locks your Onewheel securely in place. To remove the board, lean it forward and lift out.


Charger management:

Your Onewheel's charger fits perfectly in the cutout behind the board.