Float Life X DHM Ceramic Bearings (ABEC-5)

Float Life X DHM Ceramic Bearings (ABEC-5)

Bearings are sold as a set. (2) bearings per set.


“They’re Basically Bones Swiss, but for your Onewheel”


DHM and The Float Life set out to make the fastest, smoothest running, longest lasting Onewheel™ bearings at an affordable cost. Stock bearings are at best ABEC-1. Even NSK and expensive SFK which run nearly $300 for the set are ABEC-3. Float Life Ceramics are ABEC-5 with 440C stainless races running silicone nitride ceramic balls (si3n4) that are hand packed with Mobil Polyrex EM grease and sealed with nylon cages to keep debris out. All this goodness comes together to make The Float Life Ceramics the only bearings you’ll ever want in your Onewheel™ ever again!


Compatible with every version of the Onewheel except the original V1.

  • More Information:

    DHM ceramic bearings that have been offered for our minimoto race bikes have been hugely successful over the past few years. Now your Onewheel can run the same bearings.


    We chose 440C stainless as the bearing race to resist corrosion and rust from the everyday elements. The dual seals are contact seals to make sure any unwanted debris stays out of the bearing. Each bearing contains silicone nitride ceramic balls (si3n4) with nylon cages. We lubricate each bearing with Mobil Polyrex EM grease prior to shipping.


    Ceramic is harder than steel, and therefore reduces rolling resistance and also prolongs life compared to standard steel bearings. Ceramic hybrids also run at cooler temperatures than steel bearings. A properly manufactured hybrid ceramic is better than a steel bearing in every way (except for cost). Hybrid ceramics have been used in extreme conditions for wheel bearings in applications such as motorcycles, go-karts, and bicycles (including suspension-less BMX bikes that take serious hits).


    Reduced rolling resistance mainly results from the ceramic balls having increased smoothness, dimensional stability, and increased uniformity over their steel ball bearing counterparts. These properties ensure that the applied loads are more evenly distributed over all of the rolling elements. Additionally, ceramic materials have a much lower coefficient of friction (~20–30 times less) than steel ball bearings with standard seals and lubrication. This reduced friction results in less rolling resistance and faster rotational speeds.


    Ceramic bearings are also harder than steel bearings and are therefore more durable. Studies have shown that ceramic hybrid bearings can last anywhere from 5 to 20 times longer. The smoother surface of the ceramic balls also significantly reduce the risk of bearing seizure with little to no lubrication. An additional benefit is their ability to operate in harsh environments due to corrosion resistance. Finally, their electrical insulation properties eliminate the risk of electrical erosion and pitting of the rolling elements.