ShredLights SL-200 Skateboard Combo Pack

ShredLights SL-200 Skateboard Combo Pack

The latest and greatest of our most popular pack. Equip any skateboard, longboard, electric skateboard with the world's best headlights and tail lights designed specifically for skateboarding. Years of research and development have brought this perfect combination of reliability and ease of use to a set of trucks near you. Now with a 3x bigger battery for up to 150 hours of battery life and 200 lumens of maximum brightness per ShredLight.

  • Included

    Skateboard Combo Pack Includes:

    • 1 or 2 x White SL-200
    • 1 or 2 x Red SL-200
    • 2 x Pair of Skateboard Mounts
    • 2 x Dual Micro USB Charging Cables
    • 90 Day Manufacture Warranty
  • Which Mounts are right for me?

    Check out our ShredLights Resource Page ( for a quick reference fit guide and installation videos.

    The ShredLights Fit Guid Tool ( is also linked there, which is the quickest way to figure out what mounts you need.

  • Manufacturer Warranty

    All ShredLights SL-200 lights have a 90-day limited warranty that covers any manufacturing defects, tears in the rubber casing or O-ring, and damage to the S-LOCK attachment mechanism. The warranty does not cover water damage; ShredLights are IP65 water resistant, not waterproof. Avoid severe exposure to water and always make sure the lights are dry before charging.