ShredLights SL-1000 Backpack Single Pack

ShredLights SL-1000 Backpack Single Pack

Add the SL-1000 to any backpack using the Action Clip. With a full 360 degrees of rotation, you can point the light exactly where you need it and easily adjust while riding to avoid blinding others. 

  • Included

    Backpack Single Pack Includes:

    • (1) SL-1000 Light
    • (1) Action Clip
    • (1) Action Mount
    • (1) USB-C Charging Cable
    • 90 Day Manufacture Warranty
  • Manufacturer Warranty

    All ShredLights lights have a 90-day limited warranty that covers any manufacturing defects, tears in the rubber casing or O-ring, and damage to the S-LOCK attachment mechanism. The warranty does not cover water damage; ShredLights are IP65 water resistant, not waterproof. Avoid severe exposure to water and always make sure the lights are dry before charging.